September 3rd 1981

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Signs from all over the world

Up at 9 or so, then off.  Problems with the rig tho’ – Hank being, among other things, a bloody good mechanic, + very well-equipped (welder + all) was able to do a patch-up job, but eventually, at about 2, we stopped in Watson Lake for him to do a proper job.  First tho’, we had lunch – an excellent hamburger – and then while Hank got on with the job, we took a look at the town.  It didn’t take long – there wasn’t a great deal to see, except a big collection of town signs from all over the world.  We bought some food from the supermarket, a coffee pot + some coffee, + just lazed around.  Val cooked up some mince, peas + potatoes in the evening – then we moved on.  Hank stopped shortly thereafter tho’ – his headlights weren’t working too well.  Then we sat, drinking coffee + looking at some of Hank’s photographs – then bed.  Amazing how tired you get doing nothing.

Not easy to know what to comment on here, as really very little had gone on.  Another example – of many – of the kindness of strangers.  Though we both like to think that he was appreciative of some proper home-cooked food.

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