August 28th 1981

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Showing the wonderful fireplace

This time when we arose there was a mystery awaiting us – the car had gone.  Had Chickie gone off to hospital.  Yes, it transpired she had  – Steve called us.  They’d shot off at 3.30 in the morning.  As soon as breakfast was over, Val + I got busy doing different things.  Val did the washing, and then got busy doing some baking, while I did some taping, wrote the diary, and popped out to the supermarket on the bike.  Then lunch, after which I was just about to cycle to the Motor Vehicle Dept to see about our documents when it occurred to us that we could deal with it by phone.  So we did, + I gave them Rick’s address to forward things to.  Then we set off for town, mainly to buy our ferry tickets + some presents for S + C.  We bought them a tea canister + had it filled up with Irish breakfast tea – it smelt like the best they had – as well as a glass that Chickie had admired in a bar the previous night, + which we had come across by chance.  It was getting late, so Val shot off to buy the tickets while I bought these, + we met again at the bus-stop, in good time to catch the bus back.

We bought some potatoes, + once again had turkey, mash + veg, tho’ this time cooked by Mrs Hoare, while Val + I wrapped the presents.  After dinner (oh yes, we also had blueberry pie, cooked by Val) I suggested cards, and as soon as Val finished her book, the 4 of us sat down to canasta.  Oh, I forgot  – while we were in town Steve had returned – they had a brand new member of the family.   He was back at the hospital now, but as soon as we started playing, he called, wanting a lift.  Mr + Mrs went to get him, + while they were away we brought down the presents.  Steve seemed very pleased with them, + despite being very tired, took over from his ma at cards.  Val + I were getting a real pasting, but managed to turn it round by something of a fluke, + beat them.

A funny thing – Val took off her sweater, + her shirt was unbuttoned to the waist (we’d been fooling around some.)  We both got the giggles about it, tho’ she covered up pretty well, + I don’t think anyone saw.  Then bed, tho’ I played “the game” for a while (of which more tomorrow.)

First of all, I am enormously embarrassed that I should have given far greater importance to the game of canasta than the arrival of the baby (especially since it is preceded by an “I almost forgot”.)

And other potential embarrassment (viz Val’s shirt) pretty much avoided… though who knows?

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