August 25th 1981

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I woke up early with, yet again, the sun streaming in thro’ a sort of window in the tent.  I hadn’t slept well again – my back was troubling me.  Val grunted a bit, but soon slipped back into sleep, so I passed the time by reading, and had almost finished the book by the time she awoke again.  We arose, + once again ate scantily, then packed the tent away.  It was then that The Mystery of the Missing Tent Pegs occurred.  I dismantled everything + carefully placed the tent pegs on a tree stump so that I would know where they were, but when it came to packing everything away, they’d disappeared.  Naturally, Val blamed me, accusing me, without actually saying so, of simply misplacing them.  Eventually, they were found a few yards away.  One of us (I choose my words carefully) had obviously kicked them there by accident.  Val still blamed me.

We then said goodbye to our camp-site and our bench (left for posterity), and began to retrace our steps.  Val tells me the journey took longer than she had anticipated, but in any case we were able to return to the cabin without notable incident.  We ate lunch (if that’s not too grand a word for it) then Val went out + sprawled on a rock + read, while I did likewise in the cabin.  After a while I got bored, so went out + threw a few stones in the sea + generally annoyed Val.  I then went back + lit the fire, + then washed some plates + cutlery – I didn‘t think of using the sea, and instead took them up to the stream, quite a way away.  Among the foodstuffs in the cabin, we discovered a batter mix for making pancakes, just adding water, and there was some maple syrup too, so we decided to make our meal upon that.  And they were good too, even tho’ they stuck to the bottom of the pan, – we chopped them up getting them out.  I did manage to toss one of Val’s pretty well, but then blotted my copybook by dropping half the next one on the floor.  We played cards in the evening, + let the fire go out, so there wouldn’t be the same trouble with smoke.  I won the card game (hocus-pocus), then we went to bed.  No sign of the mice – maybe they moved out for the winter.

Or more likely were frightened of my block of wood!  The story about the tent-pegs, while pretty insignificant in itself, does illustrate the sort of tensions that would build up between us from time to time.  And nothing too unusual about me irritating Val out of sheer boredom.  Our chosen sites for reading were also significant – I needed a chair to be comfortable (to an even greater extent now.)

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