August 19th 1981

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The Russian Orthodox church

Up at the usual sort of hour for us – tennish – for breakfast, but of course it was raining, and after calling Larry, were able to discover that the trip was off… his was really just a fairweather boat.  I had mixed feelings about it – it certainly would have been a great trip, but I wasn’t sure that I really got on all that well with Larry.  In any case, I was disappointed. 

Over breakfast, Val + I decided to use the day to check out Juneau itself, and Steve was good enough to drive us in.  He dropped us at the Chamber of Commerce Visitor’s Centre, a reconstruction of an early log cabin, and we were able to get some information from them, including a walking tour of the city.  After a few false starts, we manoeuvred ourselves onto the beginning of the trail, and then followed it round.  However, I don’t think it was especially interesting for the most part.  There was a Russian Orthodox Church which we passed, and which a young man opened up for us.  He then told us quite a bit about the church + some of the objects in it, such as, for example, that the congregation numbered 150, when they only had two benches!  All that could stand did so.  Our young guide was very good – a mite hesitant, but better than some of the professional guides we’d met.

We plodded on, and by this time the rain was really coming down hard, so we were getting very wet.  Eventually arrived more or less at the start, and called Steve + Chickie to see if they had any plans for coming in, while Val had a cup of coffee.  I would have joined her, but the others weren’t coming in, + the bus was soon coming thro’, so I missed out.

In the evening, Steve cooked a Chinese meal (I chopped the meat) which was very good, except I didn’t like it all that much.  Val + I had bought a bottle of wine, which went down very well.  And then, when all was cleared away, we played cards.  First, a game called Kalooki (a Jamaican game like rummy) which we lost, contract whist (which Steve’s pa won), and then Val + I took on Steve + his dad at crib – we lost 2-1.  Fun tho’.

It was great to find people who were as nuts about cards as we were.  And are, though it’s almost exclusively crib nowadays.  And Steve’s mum and dad were a blast; we felt both pleased and privileged to be a part of the family.

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