August 16th 1981

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I was up at a respectable hour – before anyone else, in fact, tho’ Chickie + Steve appeared soon after.  After breakfast, they scooted off into town, Chickie to church, Steve to work, leaving me to do the washing-up.  Not so difficult as it sounds, since they have a dishwasher.  Val appeared some time later, and we watched baseball on telly – Steve + Chickie joining us when they got back.  We saw the Chicago Cubs lose to the Pittsburgh Pirates 4-3 in the tenth.  Ho hum.  Then some lunch (of course) and a drive out to Auke Bay.  Parked the car in a camping site, then took a trail along the beach.  After a while, Steve + I went back to fetch the car, to drive back to where the girls were… except we couldn’t find them, despite driving back + forth, then searching the trail.  Eventually, I sat down by a picnic area while Steve went to move the car, but he re-appeared some 5 minutes later to say he’d found them… they’d got lost.

We returned home, and I helped Steve to clad a door in pine – he was building his own sauna, was reaching the end in fact, with just the door + benches to go.  We got on quite well, with me very much as the assistant, until of course it was time for dinner.  Chickie had said we were eating Cornish hen, and I had spotted one in the fridge and thought that it was a little on the small side for four people, but didn’t worry too much about it.  I shouldn’t have – it turned out we had one of these creatures each.  After the meal, we persuaded Steve to light the fire, but then we all stayed in the dining area to play canasta.  Val + I had never played before, so we played a practice hand, and we were thrashed.  But then we started the game proper, and after a shaky start we beat Steve + Chickie quite easily.  Beginners’ luck, I think.  It did mean that the fire was rather wasted though – we had intended to go in there when we finished the game, but that was 12 o’clock, so we all went to bed instead.

Val and I enjoy playing cards, so it was good to find others like-minded.  A new game for us, too, though I don’t think we have ever played it again since.  Which makes us undefeated, I suppose. And after watching “Bleacher Bums” in SF, I have become a lukewarm Cubs fan; apparently they have a reputation as perpetual losers, so that sort of appeals.

Apologies – not the most thrilling of posts. One of the readers of this blog says that what she likes about it is that nothing ever happens… so this should be a good one in that respect.

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