August 8th 1981

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“I even managed to jump off the high one… once.”

The next day ws our chance to explore Seattle, so despite my mild hangover, we drove in to the city.  Parked in a car park this time, then bussed further in.  First stop the camera shop, to pick up our film.  We were delighted with it – they were as good as anything we had got with Danny’s Pentax.  Then caught the monorail (fairly mundane) to the Space Needle, and went up that – again, just OK, no more.  In the nearby fairground, we had a ride on the roller-coaster – a simple one, but exciting enough for me.  Then into the park, where by chance a free rock concert was being set up.  Weather was incredibly hot, so sat down on the grass and waited for it to start.  After about an hour, they came on, and were excellent, heavy-ish US rock, called The Heats.  We left just before the end, and caught the bus back into the main downtown area.  Checked out a couple of seafood restaurants in the Pioneer Square area, but one was too pricey and one was shut, so came back to the middle and ate.  Val had oysters, I had clams, but we shared them, as well as a big plate of salad.  I was doubtful about the meal tho’ – stomach-wise.  Drove to Green Lake to try to find out about a theatre there, but since it was shut we swam instead.  Terrific – and they had a couple of diving boards too.  I even managed to jump off the high one… once.  Drove to some locks, when we discovered theatre was booked up – Val thought they were OK, but pretty boring to me.  Mind you, by now, I was ill.  Then into town, and after great difficulty managed to park, and went to see movie “Victory”.  We enjoyed it (me since I threw up just before), it was good fun.  Then home – I threw up again.  Then, mercifully, sleep.

A day of more significance than it seemed at the time, since it appears this was the time and place when I developed my shellfish allergy.  Until then, I had always been quite keen on the little fellers, even used to enjoy a jar of winkles when such things were easily available, but since then, even a hint of prawn would cause me to throw up.

The movie is known as “Escape to Victory” in the UK, and is the one which combines a POW movie with a football theme.  Sly Stallone played the US goalie drafted in to the British team, but it also included Michael Caine as the manager, and a number of actual footballers, including Bobby Moore, captain of England and West Ham – my team.

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