July 26th 1981

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Val woke me up early, thinking someone had come into the shop – of course, nobody had, but by that time the damage was done.  I was sent off to purchase the materials for breakfast, was tempted, and fell, to the offer of a free Sprite with each sandwich, bought at our corner grocery.  Of course, they were rather too expensive, but what the hell.  We had contemplated going to the beach, but it was far too cold for that, so we settled on exploring the park instead.  We caught a bus right to the end of it, next to the ocean, and then started to walk back.  There seemed to be something to see every hundred yards or so.  First there was a windmill, tho’ it didn’t seem to be working.  The next attraction was a soccer game, in which, not surprisingly, all the players seemed to be Spanish-speaking.  They weren’t especially good, so it didn’t hold our attention for very long.  Next, attracted by some strange noises from the woods, we walked through, and came across a whip-cracking class.  Strange.  Next was a small herd (herdette?) of bison /buffaloes in a pen, then a lake with radio-controlled boat enthusiasts, then a big picnic (we considered trying to join it.)  Finally, we came upon a softball game which was just beginning, so we built up our strength to ask if I could play (Val was sandal-shod, so opted out.)  They were short of players, so I was drafted.  I quite enjoyed myself too.  I played right field, and barely had to catch the ball, which was just as well, since I couldn’t get the hang of the glove at all.  I tried to do without it, and hurt my fingers muffing a catch.  At bat, I was rather more successful, hitting it reasonably well just about every time.  And we won the game 7-6, after being behind for most of it.  Not so much fun for Val tho’, since there had been a cold wind blowing – she was frozen.  We walked for a while and bought some cherries, then boarded the bus for downtown for our free meal at Powell’s.  We got served more quickly this time, tho’ the meal was not quite as nice – a pasta dish with meat sauce + a sort of ratatouille.  Managed to catch the bus home on the transfer from the journey out, then to bed.  I watched some TV – including a biography of Prince Charles – while Val slept.

A most pleasant day, by all accounts, and, despite my extravagance with the morning sandwich, quite a cheap one, with plenty of walking and a free dinner.  Definitely with a sense that our time in SF is coming to an end.


    …why and how come a free meal at Powells….?
    … soup kitchen for homeless bums…? ….

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