July 21st 1981

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St Mary’s interior

The alarm went off on cue at 4, but I ignored it, as did Val, more or less, apart from giving me a perfunctory nudge.  We finally got ourselves together enough to speak at 4.45, by which time we decided it was too late to go to work.  So we re-set the alarm for 8, and, by now awake, struggled to get back to sleep.  Up at 8, + decided that we should use the day for Val to go and revisit Alcatraz to re-take all the pictures that had been lost.  First stop tho’ was Safeway, to drop off a film to be developed, and then down to Fisherman’s Wharf on the bus.  I left Val in the standby line, + walked back to do some errands.  I bought our lunch in (another) Safeway, bought a couple of air-letters and went to the library, (where I’d arranged to meet Val) and sat down with the task of catching up with this blasted diary.  (To be fair, I also read the paper.)  Val re-appeared at nearly 2, so we walked up to Washington Sq + ate our lunch, then caught the bus over to Geary + Gough to see St Mary’s, a modern cathedral.  It was a very impressive building, and I liked the spacious inside, tho’ Val was not so impressed.  Once again, it was more theatrical than religious, tho’ maybe a move away from dark, symbolic reverence is not such a bad thing.  We caught the bus back, and had a leisurely rest in the afternoon: reading, writing letters, this thing.  At about 7.30 we went out for something to eat, going down to the deli again, that being pretty cheap.  Val had soup, I had chili, and then coffee + 2 sorts of cake (we split them.)  Their cakes are really delicious, and it’s difficult to choose, but this time we had strawberry shortcake and Bavarian cheesecake.  The place is really strange – it has a grocery section, allied to a deli – and the deli served food to eat there.  That part was incredibly tatty – just a few tables, fewer chairs, + 3 big electronic games, overrun by kids in off the street.  Very strange.

I have just been (mildly) reprimanded for not adding my own 2021 commentary. Point taken, though sometimes – like now, for example – there isn’t too much to add. Our attitude to work did seem a touch random, but then, that attitude was reciprocated. Notable that I seem to be more accepting of theatricality in church architecture.

  1. Pamela J Blair

    I always thought that the top of that church, meant to be a cross, I guess, actually looked like the agitator of a washing machine!

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