July 20th 1981

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Struggled out of bed at 4 – Val was in a real daze.  Stopped off for coffee on the way, and as soon as we arrived at the depot, Gerry grabbed us and we were off.  The morning flew by – we’d started early, and for the first time we were repeating a run we’d done before.  You might think that would make it boring, and I suppose after a while it would, but this time it just helped to push us along.  The only slight drawback was that one of the crew was usually a driver, and as a walker he was slow.  He happened to be my partner – not that it made any difference, since when the 3 of us had finished, and he had plenty left, we3 just divided up what he had left and did a bit extra.  Finished about 12, and felt still very refreshed.  Went back to the shop, and then off out again.  First of all picked up some photos – really nice – then had to decide what to do.  Val wanted to walk around taking pictures, I wanted to go to the cinema, so we decided to do both – first her thing, then mine.  So what do we do to rest from walking?  We walk, all over the city!  Started at the market, then Chinatown, then up to the top of the hills to try to get some good street pictures, then over to Lombard St.  That just about wrapped up the afternoon, and we’d just about managed to tire ourselves out, so we walked to Van Ness + Sutter to see “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.  When we got in, it had just started, and Val threatened to fall asleep.  However, that proved impossible, since it was packed full of incredible stunts + special effects.  It was very exciting, but basically excessively silly – just good fun.  When we got out it was very cold, so we shared a telephone kiosk with a German-American girl.  We went down to the muni with her when we got off the bus, since she seemed to know where she was going.  However, she got us on the wrong train, which must have made her feel very guilty, as she took us to her car, and gave us a lift to Castro St.  We went to Orphan Andy’s again, and filled up on hamburgers.  Then, returning to the shop, we found ourselves keyless – disaster, we’d left it in the shop.  We had a very cold walk up to Danny’s – fortunately, Val remembered where it was.  He was very nice – gave us a very large rum and orange each, + insisted on walking down again to open up for us.  So, finally, to bed.

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