July 15th 1981

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Work once more, and we were assigned to Peter, the boss’s team.  We were driven out to the area to be covered, and slowly people were dropped off with large quantities of papers.  We were almost the last to go, and when our turn came we were given some papers, and a map which marked the area to be covered, and told us where our second drop would be, and told to cover it.  It was refreshingly responsible to a degree, and I must say I rather enjoyed it, since for once one was doing far more than walking straight down a street throwing paper – we actually had the task of working out our own route.  I was lucky, since by chance I picked the best side to work with quite a few small apartments, but Val, by all accounts, had to scramble up and down banks, and didn’t really enjoy herself.  Generally, we sorted out the distribution fairly efficiently, only running ourselves into problems a couple of times.  When I reached the paper-drop, I thought Val had already been there, so I took both bundles.  (She’s usually quicker than me.)  She hadn’t tho’, but fortunately I ran into her, and I gave her one of them.  Which was silly, since I very soon ran out myself, and was walking towards her to get some more when Pete drove by and gave me another bundle.  Val and I finished the job off quite quickly and waited around at a gas station for Pete to pick us up – it took him 30 mins or so.  After that there were 2 or 3 more pretty easy runs, + we were finished.  And Pete bought everyone a beer.  It was only 2 or so, and for once I felt fine… for a while.  We ate our pre-prepared sandwiches on the way home, and asked Danny if we could take a shower at his place.  He said sure, but had an appointment first, so we went out for a while.  He was still working when we got back, but we went upstairs and lay down.  I fell asleep, and could not raise myself when Danny had finished, so they went up and left me in the land of Nod.  Val got back about 8.30, and we went out for something to eat.  I had a hamburger, Val some chips, at a place called Orphan Andy’s – everyone there was gay (except us.)  A nice meal, then home to bed.

A stunningly uninteresting day, telling you in far too much detail about the intricacies of delivering free newspapers.  And an evening in which I fell asleep.  Which meant that Val got to see Danny’s apartment, and I didn’t.  Apparently his choice of wall decoration – various surgical appliances – was interesting but bizarre.  But I really ought to have got over my apparent shock that other people are not only gay but able to be entirely relaxed about it (as I clearly wasn’t.)

And I suppose the Land of Nod is marginally more acceptable than Slumberland (re a post much earlier.)

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