July 12th 1981

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Another 4 o’clock start.  Up, dressed, and down to the corner restaurant (which, much to my amazement, was crowded) for a coffee.  At the depot, we were assigned to Bill, a black driver, to go to Oakland.  Started off with an empty van – unusual – but loaded up at a depot in Oakland.  The work was quite nice, not too many hills, houses nicely spaced, but Oakland was horrible.  Every other yard seemed to have its own vast attack dog – a Dobermann or Alsatian – within a wire fence, and the vicious creatures let you know their disapproval of the fact that you should disturb their property with advertising.  Val was chased out of one street by 3 of the bastards – she had some silly woman shouting “Hit him!” while everyone else was telling her to get out of there.  She took the latter advice.  Apart from that, and the fact that I was bollocked for not throwing the papers on the porch, it wasn’t a bad day.  We were dropped off back in the city by 3, so stopped off for a cup of coffee, after washing the ink off our hands at the Greyhound station.  We then strolled down Powell Street to Washington Sq. to check out what one of the guys from the improvisation class had told us, that a restaurant there served free meals on a Sunday evening.  Incredibly, it was true, and serving started at 6, so we spent the intervening hour or so sitting in the park working our way through the Sunday paper – a mammoth publication.  At 6 we went in and put our name down on the list, and gave the place (Powell’s) some of its money back buying a couple of drinks while we waited.  We ate at about 7 – barbecued chicken with salad, really excellent.  Left at 7.40, walked back to Geary St, and caught the bus.  Val got off + transferred to go back to the shop, stopping off for a donut, because she was tired, but I carried on so I could go to the Open Café Theatre, to see National Theatre of the Deranged.  I was late already, and compounded the problem by getting off at the wrong stop, but ran back and it seemed I hadn’t missed much.  It was a good show, with some good sketches about the British riots, but I didn’t see anybody I knew (apart from the performers.)  Caught the bus back, and managed to wake Val to let me in.

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