July 8th 1981

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The radio blared out at 4, and we were up.  Muesli (not as good as Meher’s) followed by bananas + milk for breakfast, a quick wash, and off to work, taking our belongings with us.  A relatively easy walk, and there we were again, happy as can be.  Explained to Gerry that at least one of us had to be back early (to see Terry) + he took both of us, as he said he had an easy run.  There were 7 of us walkers, out at Piedmont.  People said it was hilly – they were right.  Gerry said we’d do the hilliest bits first, and that proved to be our downfall.  The area was impossible – houses far apart, big hills, and a really confusing road layout, higgledy-piggledy, crossing in + out.  I got badly lost at one stage, and must have walked 3 miles without throwing a paper.  Eventually, Gerry got sick of it, and rounded us all up – that took an hour in itself.  There were also new orders now, and we took on board a great load of papers to be delivered in Berkeley.  That was much better – nice straight roads, the occasional apartment block – but even so I got confused once or twice.  Obviously it was going to be a long day tho’, so at lunchtime I was dropped off at Berkeley Bart and caught that to SF, just about managing to stay awake.  I walked over to the depot to pick up our bags, then back to Terry’s.  She wasn’t in, but a friend of hers was, and he gave me the key, then left.  I sat + read for a while (Greene) then walked down to the depot again to meet Val.  She arrived about 30 mins later – the afternoon had been pretty bad too, so they just came back.  However, when the money was paid out, I’d earned $18 + Val $19 – seemed crazy.  Went back to the shop – really excellent little loft, double bed, TV, what more could we want.  Read for a while, then went out.  Found a cinema round corner with Int. Animation festival on, so bought tickets for that, then ate – pizza for me, lasagne for Val.  Watched films (Val got ratty because she kept falling asleep) but they were a bit disappointing.  Had some cappuccino – home to oblivion at 12.

With 20 hour days, it is no wonder we were permanently tired… nor that Val should fall asleep. 

  1. Pamela J Blair

    Sounds like you were living in one of the sleaziest parts of SF! Did you ever get out to nicer parts? Golden Gate Park? Even Haight St., with its hippie leftovers, might have been nice. Bernal Heights. North Beach. Nob Hill. The Castro. There are so many beautiful parts of SF and I don’t know if you got to any of them or not. The downtown part, where you were staying, is probably even worse now than it was then.

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