July 6th 1981

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Val and a redwood

Awoke and breakfasted – the same generous portions of everything.  And then spent the rest of the morning lazing about in the usual way – reading, writing – waiting for Bill to come home, since in the afternoon we were all going out together.  He came back at about 1 or so, so we ate lunch first – we were both turning into real pigs while staying there.  Val and I had been given the choice of where to go, so we looked at some guide books, and decided on Muir State Park, a Redwood forest in Marin County.  We were also going on to see some more of Bill + Meher’s friends in the evening, and the 2 ideas fitted in well together.  We packed up the camper, and were off.  First of all, we had to drive in to San Francisco to pick up the gear we’d left in the Greyhound station.  It was a day or 2 over time, so I had to pay an extra dollar, but they didn’t seem to mind, and it only took a couple of minutes, and we were on our way again.  We’d driven into town on the Oakland Bay Bridge, and drove out again over the Golden Gate, and into Marin County.  It didn’t take long to get to the Park, and the massive redwoods there were very impressive.  We took a short trail, and the kids didn’t get too bored, bought some postcards from the gift shop, and then drove out to San Rafael.  First of all we looked at the Civic Centre there, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in a rather oriental style, with a curious 3-faced chimney, and then went on to Meher + Bill’s friends, another Indian couple, Puru + his wife (I forget her name.)  Once again, they were very nice, and of course served up a full meal (this time with wine!), so we didn’t leave until 10.  Val and I both thought that Aneema + Salim were quite poorly behaved there, running around, fighting etc, but it wasn’t (+ isn’t) our place to tell other people how to raise their children.  I at least was very tired – we have been a lot recently – and I almost fell asleep on the journey back.  A nice day though.

My usual antipathy to small children surfaces again!  Though I did have the grace to admit it was none of my business.  My apologies, all the same, to Bill and Meher, should they ever read this.  Aneema and Saleem have turned out just fine, so clearly they did not do too bad a a job.

  1. Pamela J Blair

    My only comment is that it’s Muir Woods State Park. If you drive past the road down to it, you’ll arrive at Highway 1, and Muir Beach. Named after John Muir, of course.

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