June 17th 1981

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Mork and Mindy’s house

Woke up from a great night’s sleep, and breakfasted on a pastry, followed by a “smoothie” – a concoction of bananas, blueberries, apple juice and protein powder thrown into the blender, and whisked up – it was delicious.  Debbie drove us to the car lot where the Beetle that Eric had thought we might be interested in was, and we checked it over.  It seemed quite nice, and had just been painted (tho’ not very well.)  So, next stop, a garage, where we were able to arrange an appointment for having the car checked over that afternoon.  Finally (for Debbie) she drove us downtown to spend the morning in the Mall, with only brief stops at Mork and Mindy’s house and a nice old hotel.  She had to go to work, so we were left to our own devices.  We just lazed around – reading + writing in the sunshine, until it was time to walk down to the car lot.  We picked up the VW + drove it to the garage – once again we had to hang around, so we sat on the grass by some shops and ate our lunch.  The garage’s verdict on the car was mixed – they said basically it was in fair condition.  BUT there were some things wrong, and the mechanic said he would be doubtful about driving a car of that age across the desert.  Also, his opinion of its value was $1300-1400, as opposed to $1850 being asked.  Debbie met us, and returned our pack, and we agreed to see her on Friday.  We returned the VW, and said we would think about it, then at about 3, set off for Estes Park.  We had to walk for a couple of miles, then caught a lift for 4 or 5, and we thought we were stuck – right in the middle of nowhere, very thirsty, with no water, and suddenly we got a lift in a camper, plus a can of soda each – thank God.  Arrived in Estes Park on the dot of 5, just in time to catch Lou, too late for food.  However, we were able to borrow cauliflower, eggs, potatoes, so made a fine meal – relaxed, then bed.

Notable for me having to describe something as normal and everyday as a smoothie, when, to us, it was a most exotic breakfast.  Mork and Mindy was a popular US comedy of the 70s, a spin off from “Happy Days”, and pretty much the programme that launched Robin Williams.  And despite being tempted by the financial benefit of buying and selling a car, it seems we took the sensible option: not risking our already precarious funds.

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