June 16th 1981

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Denver Art Museum (plus iconic modern image)

At first, it looked as tho’ the day might end up like the day before, but we decided that would be too depressing., so vowed to get out for at least part of the day.  However, the pattern at first was identical.  Woke up early to have breakfast with Mark II, then all back to bed, rising again in time to have lunch with him.  After this, we caught the bus downtown, in order to visit the Art museum.  It was very good, with a lot to see.  In particular, we enjoyed the Modern American art exhibition.  Also, there were floors devoted to Red Indian art, and to Western art.  When we’d seen all we wanted to see, we read a little in the park, then caught the bus back.  Mark + Bob were both there – Bob rang the drug store, but only 3 of the 5 films were back.  We decided to collect those, and have Bob forward the others to Alaska.  We were pretty well pleased with them – they virtually all came out.  Still, it was time to push on, so we said our goodbyes, caught the bus back to Downtown, and walked to the Bus Station, where, after a bit of a flap about getting change for their stupid machine, we boarded the bus for Boulder.  By the time we got there, time was moving on, and we thought we might be stuck trying to thumb it to Estes Park.  However, fate leapt in again.  We were hitching away, + a car with a young couple stopped + asked where we were going.  We said Estes so they said sorry + drove on.  However, 2 mins later the guy runs up + offers us some hospitality – a movie, and a bed for the night.  Right, we were stunned.  First we drove up Flagstaff Mountain to an amphitheatre with a marvellous view over the town, then the movie “Excalibur”.  It also turned out that they (Eric and Debbie) were delivering a car to LA, and we could go along, on Saturday.  In fact, we might even be able to buy our own car, and sell it there, but more of that in the morning.  For the time being – our own bedroom in a nice house.  Amazing.

Something like the more positive version of frying pan and fire: from one extremely comfortable situation to another.  But an example of how language has changed in the time since this was written.  To say “Red Indian art” is not something that would have caused an issue at the time, but it does now.

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