June 12th 1981

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Kathy and Val

June 12th  Awakened by Kathy hammering on the door – both Mark and Pat were working, so she was going to take us around the sights of Denver.  It took us quite a while to get going tho’ – sitting around, reading the paper, etc.  Drove first to Downtown, + went to the US Mint.  It was an organised tour, but disorganised too, if you see what I mean.  The guide had a mike, but still she couldn’t be heard over the noise of the machinery, and effectively it was an unguided tour round any old factory, only one couldn’t even get close (for obvious reasons.)  Next we went to the Capitol building, and, I’m afraid, another inaudible couple of tour guides – high school girls with a summer job, it seemed.  Still, there was a nice view from the top.  Next stop was Red Rocks, and this time we were able to get in – an excellent place to see bands I should think.  By now it was getting hot tho’ – 95 degrees – so first stop was a drink, then back to town for lunch – pizza at the Pizza Hut.  Pretty average, and it took a long time too – the waitress forgot our order.  Afterwards, we drove to the Botanical Gardens.  The greenhouse parts were good, but in general it wasn’t as good as we thought it might be – it all seemed not particularly well-established and dry – they even turned the fountain off when we came along.  All this walking in the heat had just about washed us out by now, so we got a bit of shopping, and went back to M and P’s, and collapsed.  We watched some telly, and Val got on to make some pasties for dinner.  There was boxing on, in which some American whopped John L. Gardner (the British champion) and then Holmes smashed Leon Spinks.  By this time M + P had returned, and so the pasty-tasting commenced.  The general verdict was excellent.  Afterwards, we loaded up some wheels + stuff they were selling into the cars, and took them round to a friend who was having a garage sale.  That seemed to finish the evening.

The first of many occasions when Val was called upon to demonstrate the Cornish national dish.

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