June 10th 1981

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My turn to get up first, Val’s to sleep on.  I packed up, then bashed a tennis ball against a wall for a while.  Eventually, Val emerged, and I was able to retrieve the wash bag and shower.  We played with as variety of bats and balls while waiting for the truck to go into town.  Caught a lift, then started to hitch.  Got a lift after about half an hour, with a guy from Bombay (called Rowi) taking a long holiday in US + Europe.  He was going to Colorado Springs, and I’m sure we could have gone on with him there, and further, but we didn’t have much in common, and had to stop in Denver in any case.  We were dropped off on the ring-road, and caught a bus into town, where we dropped off our pack at the Bus station.  We bought our lunch at the Japanese supermarket – milk and bananas – then walked into the Colorado Heritage Center – a really dull museum, with very little in it, tho’ to be fair a lot was closed for refurbishment.  We strolled over to the park, while it was still warm, and sat and read, then went to the library.  There I was able to read the Sunday Times, and discover that Liverpool had won the European Cup.  We had to trot back to pick up the bags, then down to 5000 E Colfax, where we had arranged to meet Mark.  We broke our bus journey when we saw a Jack In The Box hamburger place, because we had a voucher for a free sandwich there.  Arrived at the lawn-mowing centre, and they were there.  We drank a beer, then came back to Mark and Pat’s (his room mate) place.  Used a water pipe and managed to get absolutely bombed – it was much nicer, less aggressive, cooler – much better all round.  Went to bed on the sofa – really comfortable.

I knew that sooner or later drugs would force their way in to the story; I just have to hope that, for any of our readers, this does not prove an indefensible moral lapse.  Other observations?  My permanent need to keep in touch with the news, or, more accurately, the football results.  Plus, our curious enjoyment of American fast-food, especially when we had a free voucher!

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