June 9th 1981

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View from the back of the hostel

I got up at about ten, to find Val had already been up for about two hours.  I was just in time, for someone was driving into town, and we needed to go in to do some shopping.  Rode in with the girl, and Bob, a guy looking for a job – but first stop was breakfast.  Bob, Val and I had waffles and coffee – frightfully American, eh?  Then Val and I too started looking for a job in the town – we even tried a couple of things, but it didn’t seem to be so casual as to be cash in hand.  One good thing from the day tho@ – I saw a US football rushing down the river, and Val spotted that it was about to get caught, and so it did.  It was soon liberated from its downward plunge by me.  We then bought our groceries, and hitched home – back to the hostel – in 2 rides, plus some hobbling (me still without decent shoes).  Had lunch, milk and bananas, then went for a walk.  Walked about two miles on a trail, then it started to rain, so we sheltered briefly in a broken-down shack, before turning back – it was hard work, being nearly all upwards.  So, returned knackered, and sat around for a while in the lounge, before starting dinner – a stew a la Jonas.  Bob returned, and helped to prepare the veg, so we all 3 shared the Buds Mark had bought us the day before.  Unfortunately, it only provoked a thirst for more, particularly in Bob.  He must have asked everyone in the place if they had a car and would make a beer run, but all to no avail.  What made things worse, the stew took forever.  However, it was well worth the wait – a really delicious stew.  We shared it with Betty, a Southern girl, and Bob.  Afterwards, a lazy evening – Val sat around making a map of the USA with a few others – I did some writing and played table tennis (maintaining my unbeaten record.)  And, eventually, to bed.

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