June 6th 1981

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In some ways, a day much like yesterday, for the first half, anyway.  I woke up early and started driving, Val still sleeping.  And so it continued, driving from then until about 3.30, with an extra hour as we crossed the time zone, both taking turns.  The main consolations were that the weather was much better, and the scenery, tho’ flat, more impressive.  We had one scare (minor) when we thought we might run out of gas, but it turned out OK. 

Eventually arrived in Denver, and immediately liked what we saw.  Were able to find the information centre with no trouble, they were very helpful, providing us with a wealth of maps, etc.  We used one to guide us to a couple of the sights – being Saturday, all the interesting things to visit were shut.  Still, it made for a pleasant walk thro’ the city.  Took a couple of pictures of the gold-domed Capitol building, one from a pleasant park, full of lush green grass and fascinating statues.  Then we walked along the Mall, a road they are converting to a pedestrian precinct.  Unfortunately, they are still doing it, so the place was full of bulldozers, craters and dust.  Stopped off in Woollies to buy some sandals for me – 79 cent flip-flops – and we also indulged ourselves with a large coke each.  Walked on to the D + F Tower, a building based on the Campanile in Venice.  Sat down near it in a rather smelly square, where we finished our cokes.  Took a couple of arty pix on a funny building block thing, visited the Japanese Square, then motored back to the car, stopping only for an Arby’s roast beef buttie – pretty disappointing. 

Got changed and drove to Mile High Stadium to watch a Minor League baseball match.  It wasn’t as good as we thought it might be – only a small crowd scattered thro’ a big stadium, and the game itself never really got going – lots of silly breaks in the action.  The crowd didn’t really seem to be involved either – more interested in eating and drinking.  Still, the Denver Bears beat the Oklahoma 89’ers 9-7.  Then we went out of town, parked up, slept.

A fairly ordinary touristy sort of day, with the usual litany of food and drink (especially those Cokes!)

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