June 5th 1981

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In many ways a nothing day – tho’ a useful one – which I should be able to sum up in a couple of sentences.  We drove all day, starting at 9, and finished about 11, and splitting the driving between us in 3 or 4 hour shifts.  We ended up about 30 miles north of Amarillo – still in Texas, but with a good chunk of the journey eaten away.  So much for Friday June 5th.  That leaves me the rest of the page to record a few general comments on miscellaneous subjects.

Food – I think we’re both a bit fed up of buying stuff to put on bread, especially since the bread here is basically pappy muck.  Still, the idea is to save money, to prolong the trip as much as possible.  And we are splashing out from time to time.

Money – we were alarmed at first at how fast the money was disappearing, but having got past the expensive bit – really the hired car to New Hampshire – we seem to be doing rather better.

Friends – one problem with using AACON to travel the country is that our opportunities to meet people are limited.  In addition, we have, as yet, only been able to contact Dennis of the names we had as contacts.

Plans – in view of the above, and for financial reasons, and because we want to see an area in a bit more detail, we might well spend a bit of time in Colorado, probably doing some hitching to get around.  However, there might be a car waiting for us at Denver AACON, so that would mean zapping off again.  However, we are in the pleasant position of being able to be choosy.  Beyond next week, our plans include working (picking fruit in Washington?) and visiting Alaska (by boat?), and then, in increasing improbability, Mexico, a trip into S. America, a trip thro’ S. America and Australia.

First real talk about money; we were trying to live on about $10 per day for the pair of us, hence the sparse and uninteresting diet.  But curious that we were, especially in view of what was to come, relatively timid in our plans, as well as most unsure that they would ever come about. No photo of the Merc, or of sites and events from that time, as the film which contained them was to go missing. Ah well.

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