May 30th 1981

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By no means the most successful day.  I drove from the lot to the highway, and then Val took over – she was fine.  She drove to a rest area, where we stopped to wash.  Disaster no. 1 – reaching for a towel to dry my face, I pulled my glasses onto the floor and smashed one lens.  Fortunately, I’d brought my other pair.  The rest area was pleasant, and we breakfasted there with provisions bought that morning. 

As we continued our journey, I was able, using map and guide, to work out a slight detour to our route which would take us through Shenandoah National Park, doing a road called the Skyline Drive.  It cost us $2, and was well worth it.  It followed the crest of a ridge of mountains, with great views on either side.  We stopped to buy some postcards – disaster no. 2.  I finally discovered how to get the trunk open, so packed some stuff in it, and closed it.  Yes, right, keys inside.  After much worry, and the slightly amused interest of various people, a resident mechanic was able to throw the switch some power and open it – great relief, and only an hour wasted.  We stopped again at a parking spot for some falls, and walked down there.  Really nice, tho’ the walk back was hot + tiring.  A mini-disaster, I suppose, when my sandal broke – ho hum. 

Val resumed driving, down to a town called Marion – we ate a hamburger in Marion’s diner.  I drove from there, but started to get tired, driving in the dark, and it was with great relief that I spotted a rest area, and pulled in there for the night.  The rest areas we’ve seen so far have been excellent places – clean, well-equipped bathrooms, no hassles about parking overnight.  And so it was with this one.  We re-filled the water bottle, and then to bed.

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