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This is my third year of writing this blog, and (inevitably, I suppose) I find the same old topics and subjects coming around each time – just in a different location.  One of these is the place where I am living, and on this trip I have my own mini-apartment.  A bed-sit, they used to be called, which is a cosy title, and really I am quite cosy here, with everything I need conveniently to hand.

This particular bed-sit is actually more of a granny flat, being a small annexe (perhaps once a garage) to a rather grander family home, belonging to a couple whose children have flown the nest, leaving them with space on their hands.  It is all arranged through Air B&B (which I know has its supporters and detractors).

The Eleftherios family have replaced their children with three cats and a dog (who also have their supporters and detractors) who roam the courtyard.  This does mean that my apartment can either have light (with the shutters open and the windows closed) or air (vice versa) but not both, or it gets the cats as well.

Having just been directed to the local supermarket, I celebrated last night by cooking spaghetti bolognese in my tiny kitchen. It was thoroughly delicious, and made a welcome change after the three frankly disappointing meals I had eaten in local restaurants. But I can only blame myself: if I will go to Greece and eat burger, pizza and pasta, what can I expect?

At present, I have no social life, at least until I get to know my fellow workers.  I tend to spend my evenings reading and listening to the BBC (both courtesy of my trusty iPad) and I am happy with this. I am sure my somewhat hermit-like existence will come to an end in time.


    ….good read CHRIS … wishing you happy days …. keep it coming…. luois…..x

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