Store Room Jam

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During induction week, we were told that the summer school is not just for the benefit of the kids, but also for the teachers. Almost all of the staff are Syrian, living in Lebanon because of the war. While they are getting paid to do their job, it’s pretty difficult and under fairly stressful conditions. They are heroes.

Until now, I wasn’t sure we could offer very much at all – helping them practise English is useful, but with our non-existent Arabic we can’t provide much in the way of instruction. So it was delightful when an informal music session evolved in the store room today (more news about the ‘store room’ to come in a later blog).

I had been practising Tiri Tiri Ya Asfoura (the end of show song) with Conor learning the chords on his guitar, when the deputy head picked up one of the drums and joined in. That escalated to Inas, Raghad and couple more staff going in to a full blown jamming session. We were making so much noise, we had to shut the door to avoid disrupting lessons down the corridor. It was only when a small child came to return a roll of sellotape that we came to our senses.


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