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Here is the poster for the show; hope you like it, since we are pretty excited. We arrived at the print shop, just around the corner from our apartment, armed with a painting featuring some of the characters from the show, created by the daughter of one of the teachers, and a few bits of text in various fonts on Val’s computer.  Forty-five minutes later, we emerged with a huge version of the completed work, plus a couple of dozen smaller, glossier versions. The total cost was $20; Val is thinking of getting all her business printing done here in future. We hope the kids are as excited by the whole thing when they see them tomorrow, as we are tonight.

It was as well that we had a successful evening, since I was feeling a bit down after a rehearsal in which chaos raged and reigned. Today marked the kids return to school after the weekend, and was the first time we had all 35 or so of them in the same room. Each one was also equipped with a musical instrument – you can imagine. The intention was to go from musical cue to cue, one group doing snippets of acting, while the other providing the sound. We just about managed to get to the end in the whole double lesson, and this for a play that we are intending to run four times on Friday. This Friday.

I knew in advance that it was going to be mayhem, and had warned Val about it. Even so, it did not prevent me experiencing a mixture of depression and despair, knowing how much we needed to achieve in so little time. You would think I would be inured to all of this by now (or have given it all up). Story of my life, I say. Still, my choice, and not a bad one at that.

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  1. Krystyna Hewitt

    “It will be alright on the night”, as the saying goes! I feel sure the show will be wonderful.

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