Games without frontiers

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Orientation day 2 – firstly, led by ‘Right to play’, an important and influential NGO in the region. As the name suggests, they stress the use of play in education – preaching to the converted in my case, of course.

We spent a fun hour or so playing some simple games, some adapted to give them a more focused educational function, but all of them lively and enjoyable.

Second part of the morning, we looked at classroom management, mostly about establishing rules and expectations. It ought to be meat and drink to me, but then I have never had to teach children who may or may not speak English, understand the concept of acting, be traumatised … Which makes next week, when we meet the children just a little bit daunting. But having recently been commended for my unflappability, I shall try to remember I know what I’m doing, and above all not flap.

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