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Well here we are, settled into our accommodation in Beirut – our first day in Lebanon and the first day (well morning) at the Jusoor school in Jeb Jannine. We have a 7am start each day, the 28 or so of us volunteers travelling by bus to the school for a 9am start. It’s a long steep climb out of Beirut, against miles of traffic queuing the other way in morning rush hour. The views over the city are stunning and coming over the pass in the Lebanon Mountains, the Bekaa valley opens up with vineyards and orchards.

As you can see on the map Jeb (or Joub) Jannine is about half way between Beirut and Damascus and about 45 minutes from the Syrian border.There are various small ‘informal’ refugee camps in the area and about 700 Syrian children attend school here. About half of those will be attending the summer school, which starts next week. In the meantime, we (the volunteers, organisers and Syrian teachers) will be planning lessons and the theatre production and generally getting to know each other.

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