Wedding dance

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Not the easiest of rehearsals – we summoned the entire cast in the middle of their holiday, but it had been announced from the very start of the project, so it was disappointing that we were missing some key players.  On the other hand, we achieved a lot, and the scenes where the crowd come to life with energy and enthusiasm really have the potential to raise the spirits – mine, as well as the audience’s.

Just over a week to go now, and always the point where one has serious concerns about reaching the prize (as I know only too well, having been there more times than I care to remember.) But there are hints of what might be achieved, and too much talent for us to fail.  That old “it’ll be all right on the night” cliché is not to be relied on, but does possess a certain truth…

  1. Maureen Fairweather Hole

    Looks good – hope all goes well
    Maureen and John

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