Marimbas and cannibals

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A relatively difficult rehearsal this afternoon, after school finished for the term: a slow start after clashes with closing ceremonies, and lots (unsurprisingly) missing.  But glimpses, all the same, of some moments of theatre.

At long last, and with no blame intended, their attendance limited by timetable commitments and illness respectively, I had the support of Nathlani (Lucky) and Viloshni.  Nathlani oversaw  the marimbas, and they are starting to produce the sound of the production, colouring entrances, transitions, movement.

Thabang is the charismatic young actor who is playing Zim the cannibal (and yes, I did have problems with writing a cannibal into an African play, lest I be found guilty of cultural stereotyping, no matter how much I might protest that he was in the original story.)  Thank you, Viloshni, for adding the idea of him having his own musical signature.

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