Be my baby

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All of The Three Sisters have to give birth, but we wanted to avoid anything too graphic, so I turned to a technique a friend of mine had once borrowed from a National Theatre production of The Mysteries, in which Mary “creates” the Baby Jesus.

This is how Mick described it to me in an email: “Instant baby. You make it in layers. Muslin is the best material; we used cheesecloth. You lay down layers, 2ft by 3, no more than six. Make the shape of a bloomer loaf with wadding wrapped in a single sheet, and place it in the middle of the sheets long ways up. Fold alternate corners over at an angle so the top of the bloomer has the appearance of the face.  Bend the baby to give it a bottom and bobs your uncle. Good luck”

All we had to do was multiply this by three, and back it with an African lullaby.

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