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A school operating with about 20% attendance today. With troubles forecast all over Johannesburg (South Africa even) because of the anti-Zuma marches (alongside the pro-Zuma backlash organised by ANC supporters) some teachers and many learners could not get in because of transport problems, and many parents decided that safety trumped education and kept their children at home. Classes went on as best they could, but my rehearsal was dealt a fatal blow, and had to be cancelled.
Lucy, however, took to the art room and enlisted those learners present for Art as assistants in painting a door needed for the production. I met one of said learners later today.
“Mr Walters, your daughter taught us today.”
“And how was she?”
“She was a lot of fun. Very sarcastic.”
“I can’t believe that. I wonder where she gets that from.”
(Head on one side.) “I wonder too.”

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