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Not having experienced boarding school life in my youth, our stay at DCS has been an interesting insight into institutional life. One of the experiences is food – boarding house food – which by repute can be dire.

So when we arrived at DCS we were pleasantly surprised at how decent the meals here are. The cooks do a fantastic job to with what, I assume, is a very limited budget. Admittedly, breakfast is probably enhanced by my having been up for nearly two hours, including fitness workout, but it is nonetheless always tasty.

There have been some logistical problems: at the beginning of term a shortage of cutlery meant you had to get there early, or you’d end up eating with plastic knives and forks. And at weekends, meals seem to happen at random times – we resorted to staking out the dining room in the morning so as not to miss breakfast.

Dinner was initially something to look forward to, South African options include chakalaka and pap (I have acquired a taste for both), but they also do a very good suet pudding and stew. However, as time goes by, the repetitive nature of the food has got to us, so increasingly we look for ways to escape.

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