The crying game

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Nokuthule was drafted today as the poor little cripple girl (European equivalent: the little match girl – the connections just keep happening.)  She is a late replacement, after I tired of people not turning up for rehearsals, and re-cast from the four who did.  There may be trouble ahead (as Fred Astaire used to say) from a disgruntled cast, but I’ll just have to face the music.*

She appears in The Tree, one of the three plays which rehearsed today.  The other two were The Three Sons, under the direction of Val, and Soup, directed by… themselves!  (Fortunately, that is something they are good at here.)  All groups were (reasonably) satisfied with their progress, but of course we are many steps behind where we ought to be.  As I frequently remark, nothing new there then.

(* – and dance?)

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