Safety dance

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After church, it was a lovely day and I decided to pop down the road one block to take a picture of the mosque on the opposite corner. No sooner had I snapped my photo than I realised one of the DCS security chaps was in hot pursuit, telling me in no uncertain terms that I should not be wandering down the road, camera in hand, outside the school gates. Just by coincidence (I think), a police car pulled up too and made some disapproving remarks to my minder. Sorry, I didn’t mean to cause any trouble!

Of a Friday evening when we draw up to the security gates in our Uber (actually, we’ve recently changed allegiance to Taxify), the driver waits with headlights full on to make sure Prosper, our night security guard has everything in hand before reversing away. Taxi drivers seem to be quite vulnerable themselves, on several occasions recounting stories of their livelihood being threatened after a phone or car-jacking.

It’s hard to tell whether the crime and violence is overblown here, or is in fact the reality of the place.  So far, apart from occasional distant gun shots we hear at night-time, we haven’t experienced anything unpleasant first hand – let’s hope we keep it that way.

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