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The play “Soup” was the major focus of this afternoon’s rehearsal, a slightly bizarre tale with the message that, just like the ingredients of soup, we are better together.  Plotwise, it is a cross between The Ugly Duckling and Rumpelstiltskin: Duckling learns the name of her future husband, and so becomes a (married) swan.

As I’ve said before, the big problem with rehearsals is getting all of the required actors in one place at the same time.  So far at least, that hasn’t happened with any of the plays, though it does tend to be a different person (or persons) missing each time.  So people ARE rehearsing… only not together.

The cast of “Soup” are, however, uniformly wonderful (even when not there.) Though I do think their named characters – Salt, Pepper, Spice, Sauce, Onion leaves and Dripping – would be very thin fare.  Even together.

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