Once upon a time

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So here’s the poster for the show, designed by Simbarashe Mabaire, a Grade 10 learner here (i.e. about sixteen.) “Kwasuka Sukela” means Once upon a time in Zulu, referring to the storytelling nature of the play, while “Footprints” refers to the idea of a journey, from the past to the present, from tradition to modernity. The first five stories in the play are told in a traditional manner, leading to the sixth which has a modern context, but includes actors and characters from the first five, re-appearing as their modern equivalent. It was a concept which arrived more or less by accident, but I’m pleased with it all the same.

I’m pleased with the poster too, though it was something of a struggle to edge Simbarashe away from blocking out much of the design with an ugly information box. Now all we need to do is get it printed and displayed, and sell some tickets. And integrate the action with marimbas, drumming, dance, the choir. And finish (whatever that means) rehearsing the play. Nothing unusual there then.

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