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Today was Thinking Day, a cross curricular off-timetable exercise for the whole school, with the learners in mixed – age and gender – groups and given a lot of challenging material to discuss and debate. The theme was to do with identity, image, stereotype – one result being the ‘just because…’ placards shown in the photo. Their commitment was impressive. They stayed on task, they engaged with the issues, they listened to each other, and shared their own postings on social media – one important element of the topic.

Most striking, and provoking strong debate, was a controversial short film, depicting a clever reversal of the norm in South Africa: black tourists on a luxury coach, gazing out at poverty-stricken white families; a black driver locking her car door as a white boy walks past; a white nanny with privileged black kids. I found it witty and pertinent; mostly, it made them angry.

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