Going to the chapel and we’re…

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The old chapel, dating from the time when the school was also a working convent, is apparently due for refurbishment (it would also make a wonderful drama studio, but never mind). In the meantime, it has just the one function, as a rehearsal room for the choir and it serves that purpose magnificently, for the acoustics are superb.

I am desperate to ensure that the choir are in the production, but the logistics of making that happen are not simple, as those that are not already in the show are heavily committed elsewhere on rehearsal days. But it must happen. Choir are a major reason why we are here; it was at one of their UK concerts that I was able to collar Graham Howarth, DCS’s headmaster and ensure my passion to come and work here was communicated.

We seize every chance we can to see them. The video clip gives a hint of their power and quality, but it is nothing like hearing them live. Music to raise the hair on the back of your neck; music to lift the soul.

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