I go swimming…

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After school finishes on non-rehearsal days, we (rather than I) often Uber to the open-air municipal baths in nearby Marathon St.

The pool is housed in an old-fashioned building in a rather seedy street, bringing back memories of swimming baths when I was a child – concrete, rather austere and chilly. We pay R8.25 each (about 50p) to the attendant behind a little window; who looks surprised to see anyone, let alone two white people who are obviously strangers to the neighborhood. Once inside, we discover a beautiful 8-lane 33m swimming pool – and we have it all to ourselves.

The two lifeguards barely look up from their conversation with whoever has popped in and the odd maintenance man wanders around. On weekdays we feel like it’s our own private pool; on weekends, we share it with 30 or so youngish children, who take great pleasure in daring each other to swim alongside us for a few metres.

Anyway, it’s a great way to relax at the end of a long day.

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