Stop! … in the name of love

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As mentioned before, every Thursday morning the entire primary and secondary school treks across the road to St Anne’s, the nearby Catholic church. It is something of a logistical nightmare, ensuring that all make it safely across, by dint of stopping the traffic at regular intervals and with the aid of pupil supervisors of all ages (some in high viz jackets, some with whistles and all with smiles) the task is accomplished smoothly.

This whole exercise does highlight one of the schools real strengths: the way the learners take responsibility for any number of things. There is naturally enough, a prefect system, including responsibilities for a whole school assembly without a teacher in sight. Others play their part too, managing choir and dance rehearsals, running fitness classes at 5am, saying grace at mealtimes, and so on.

It’s all hugely impressive and I hope to benefit from it too, sooner or later, delegating rehearsals for the production.

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