Every time it rains, it rains…

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…pennies from heaven.

More like five rand pieces actually.  The weather in Johannesburg, especially at this time of year, is pretty volatile, with dramatic forked lightning and thunder loud enough to make you jump.  But in general, though the storms arrive fast, they are just as quick to depart.  Today was an exception, with heavy rain falling for most of the day: no morning work-out, and dodging puddles all day.

Rehearsal day today, attendance on this occasion affected by a compulsory Maths clinic.  In order to keep everyone busy, all hands were pressed into service.  Viloshni directed The Tree; Val oversaw rehearsals for The Three Sisters; Lucky once again took the girls from Soup through their movement sections (and once again not all of them were there); and I blocked, in the most rough and ready fashion, and at breakneck speed, the first two plays: Anansi and Demana and Demanzana. Generally speaking, the consensus was that the rehearsal had been a success, in that we kept everyone busy.  Including me: I finished soaked in sweat and without a voice to speak of.  Or with.

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