Woza Albert!

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A theatre trip to the stunning Soweto theatre this afternoon: 37 learners, Val, Viloshni and me.  The learners were in full school uniform, something their English counterparts would have reacted against with outrage, but the young people here do seem to take a genuine pride in their uniform… but what do I know?

The production, of a modern South African classic (written in 1980 during Apartheid rule), was fantastic: just two actors in joggers and football socks conjuring a vast array of characters. It dealt with the worst excesses of apartheid – whites indicated by pale clown noses – stunning physical theatre with added wit, humour, edge, humanity…
We thought it the most exciting theatre we’d seen in years (and the learners were almost equally impressed.)  It would have been a privilege to see it on any stage in the world, but to catch it in Soweto…

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