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They say that great drama springs from constraints; so we are clearly destined for quite a show, as the constraints on this first audition were considerable.  On the plus side, it was great to have so many people there (more girls than boys though; some things are apparently universal.) On the other hand, the Hall was being used by the Junior School choir and any outdoor space was rendered impossible when the heavens opened. So we piled up the desks and squeezed into the Drama classroom.

There was scarcely room to swing a cat (English colloquial expression), but they took to their audition task enthusiastically, constructing a short scene based on a strict choice between the story of Adam, Eve and the Snake… and anything else they fancied. The results were hugely entertaining, and took me right back to the equivalent opening sessions with Thame Youth Theatre (if that means anything to you), when we would have a lot of fun… before getting down to work.

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