The braai…

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Parents’ meetings here at Dominican are a little different.

The formal consultation took place on Saturday morning, then at lunchtime there was a braai (a South African barbecue) for all – parents, teachers, and learners alike.  Everyone got a box of meat – in our case, that was a huge steak, an enormous sausage, and a relatively normal-sized lamb chop… each.  Then you either cooked it yourself at one of ten or so oil-drum barbecues, or one of Dayle’s team did it for you. Dayle is the guy in green.  De- (with apologies to the vegetarians out there) -licious.

The atmosphere was terrific – warm, friendly, and punctuated by gales of laughter.  We’ve been here a week now, and already have been made to feel part of the DCS family.


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