(I can’t get no-oh…) fridgeration

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It was the last straw… our long life milk had turned to yogurt and I only realised as I poured the gloopy mess into our morning tea. We really needed a fridge.

An hour by hour search on Gumtree finally came good and a quick call to Bobby in Melville secured the promise of a deal.   Dayle (Dominican’s site manager) organised a couple of his men to fetch it in a school minibus, but a combination of  Bobby not being at home at the allotted time and me writing down the wrong phone number meant the guys came back empty handed.  Disaster.

Dayle took over this morning, “I’ll manage this properly”, he said and there was the fridge, waiting for me at 8.30am when I returned from the school church service.  Praise be. (And thanks Dayle!)

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