Our house… 

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…is a very very very fine house…

So.   Here we are in Johannesburg, in front of our apartment in the grounds of the school.  We share the building with a classroom, which is also used for evening prep/homework. (There’s a choice to sort the state educated sheep from the independent goats.)  Apparently, we might need to go in there to tell them to quieten down, but we haven’t had that pleasure yet.

Our place is as yet somewhat Spartan, but we are adding to it gradually. It does have a big screen in place, and all it took was 2 AAA batteries to kick it into life; we can now use the remote to switch it to PC mode, and there’s a cable to connect it to (one of) Val’s computers, so now the world is our ostrich!

We have a perfectly comfortable sitting-room (pictured in our next post), as well as (presumably as a hangover from one of the building’s previous existences) three toilets and four showers (three of them in the one large shower area – very sociable.)

Since this will be our home for some time, we are trying to organise a few more home comforts.  We’ve already bought a toaster – no need to cater for more than snacks, as our meals are provided for us in the school dining room – and Val has been busy on the South African version of Ebay, hunting down some more bits and pieces.  So, gradually less Spartan and more… Athenian?

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