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October 3rd 1982

The entries get shorter + shorter, don’t they – as the actress said to the bishop.  (That’s a Dougism, by the way, tho’ hardly original, I’ll admit.)  Today just about the same as... READ MORE


Back after a three-week gap, and, as might have been expected, something of a two steps back move.  Aisha turned up first, Hamed drifted in a little later, then Sherwan and Rabar, and... READ MORE

October 2nd 1982

Not much of a change really.  The weather was still pretty miserable.  Not that it rained a great deal, but the wind was so strong, + consequently the seas so heavy, that we... READ MORE

October 1st 1982

A not particularly notable, not particularly pleasant day.  The weather was pretty bad virtually all day, + built up to a nasty storm in the early evening.  (It’s 10 pm now, + we’re... READ MORE

September 30th 1982

Rather a dull day, if the truth be told.  The weather was really pretty gorgeous, with lots of sunshine… but no wind.  So we buggered about in the middle of the ocean, getting... READ MORE

September 29th 1982

A dirty, dirty day.  First of all the log (that’s the mileometer to thee + me) packed up during the wee hours, + then late in the morning we were struck by an... READ MORE