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The play’s the thing

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Many of you reading this will already have seen our short fund-raiser video of the performance. It very nicely gives a feel of the two plays and the enjoyment the children had being... READ MORE


The final teaching day of the programme today, which for us meant performance. Or rather performances. The only possible “theatre” was outside in the playground, and though in theory this meant a huge... READ MORE


When we were accepted by Jusoor, we were slightly nervous about coming to the Middle East, not having visited the region before. We thought Lebanon would be conservative, Islamic, war-ravaged, yet we found... READ MORE

Store Room Jam

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During induction week, we were told that the summer school is not just for the benefit of the kids, but also for the teachers. Almost all of the staff are Syrian, living in... READ MORE

Thank you for the music

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Before we left England, Chris’s golfing buddy Paul made a generous financial donation to our Drama project, to be used in any way that might help to make it a success. The accompanying... READ MORE