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January 30th 1982

Sunday.  Val working once again, so I took my time in arising, cleaned the block fairly cursorily, + off to the football.  It ws alright, but all the excitement has been taken out... READ MORE

January 29th 1983

Val worked for Sue this morning, helping to clean the units.  I had intended to go to Paihia with another attempt to buy a Time, but by the time I’d got up, done... READ MORE

January 28th 1983

Slept late this morning (I wonder why.)  However, didn’t feel too bad, especially once I’d got some breakfast inside me.  I was then able to raise the energy to go up to the... READ MORE

January 27th 1983

A small milestone today – probably.  Quite an easy day’s work, since I was told that we were swapping another 2 pallets worth of beer.  Which meant lugging out another 120 crates onto... READ MORE

The waiting room

The most encouraging thing about the last two sessions has been the attendance, which was excellent – we really do seem to have a more committed group at the moment.  Ever since we... READ MORE

January 26th 1983

Sewers again today – it’s alright tho’, you get used to it.  And since I shifted beer for part of the day, I was able to escape the sewers’ oily clutches for an... READ MORE