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Mad world

I might have mentioned before that I am a nervous traveller at the best of times, and these are far from that (though not – yet – the worst.)  The coronacrisis brings with... READ MORE

Homeward Bound

During one of yesterday’s meetings, I made the rash offer of a Drama workshop for the other volunteers on the team, an idea leapt upon with enthusiasm, and a venue was proposed: a... READ MORE

Walking and talking

Having seen very little of Ioannina, on Sunday I decided to go for a walk, trying to avoid going stir crazy, and reckoning on being able to keep a metre distance from anyone... READ MORE


So here I am, self-isolating in my little apartment.  No, no, I’m not sick, and don’t have it, so far as I know  (though every time one has a tickly cough, one does... READ MORE


Katsikas is the name of the other camp in which Second tree operates.  With the enforced cessation of all activities with children, four of us were sent today to both camps to tell... READ MORE

A room with a view

It was never intended that I would stay long in the volunteers’ house; apart from anything else, someone else is booked into my bed on Friday.  But it did what was intended, providing... READ MORE