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December 5th 1982

Val’s birthday.  Not only that, but Val’s 21st birthday.  I know it doesn’t have the same significance socially + politically as of yesteryear, but still there’s something about it.  Don’t you think?  Luckily,... READ MORE

December 4th 1982

Val + I both went up to the pub at 8 today.  Although Val doesn’t clean on the weekends, Gordon had asked her to go in today to work for him for a... READ MORE

December 3rd 1982

I’d expected to have been carrying on with my painting this morning, but they’d had several loads of sawdust delivered to cover up the bare, barren patches around the grounds + campsite.  It... READ MORE

Persia in Oxford

I had spotted that the Ultimate Picture Palace, Oxford’s oldest cinema, was showing an Iranian film, “No Bears”, and had offered a tri to see it to the Iranian students in the class. ... READ MORE

December 2nd 1982

Far more satisfying today at work, because I was able to get on with things a bit better, I think.  Not that it was anything very much – fetching some bricks, shifting some... READ MORE

December 1st 1982

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s off to work we go… Val as cleaner extraordinaire, me as general maintenance man, who is just at the moment scared stiff that he will be laid off at any... READ MORE