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Rehearsals week 6

Three big developments this week.  The first you already know about – the dance which finishes the show.  Not exactly the cast’s favourite rehearsal activity, and I do know how they feel, having... READ MORE

Every little thing…

This post is all about props, and why they are more important than you might think. (And because, in its own way, a post is a prop.  Boom boom.) In order for a... READ MORE

Dancing queen

 I have always enjoyed performances which end with something more than just a formal curtain call, so wanted to end our production with a dance; the fact that Brecht’s original play leads towards... READ MORE

Street life

Pictured above is the most regular of the buskers who plies his trade on Ermou, Mytilini’s main shopping street.  He varies his location from time to time (though not by much), and his... READ MORE

Festival time

This evening, a small group of us volunteers trudged up the hill to the Castle to attend a music concert, arranged by Connect By Music, an NGO which provides music education for refugee... READ MORE

Doctor doctor

I was chatting online with an old friend from Oxford, Jackie Keirs.  Many years ago, she had directed me in several productions, including some by Brecht, and she reminded me that in one... READ MORE