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August 3rd 1981

Up at 8, washed, breakfasted, and ready to go by 9.  Said goodbye to the rest of the van Groenous, and were off.  First stop was the Post Office, to send off another... READ MORE

August 2nd 1981

Up at a respectable hour, and Val showered, then breakfast.  Then, as usual (at least recently) a lazy morning – I washed (some of) the grime off the car, and fixed the hole... READ MORE

August 1st 1981

Were up and breakfasted by 10-ish, then drove to Berkeley, chiefly to look at the ride board there.  Navigated our way in there reasonably well, only getting lost about once, and were able... READ MORE

July 31st 1981

After breakfast, we called up the Dept of Motor Vehicles to see what was required for registering the vehicle.  They said we needed a pink slip (tho’ we later found out we didn’t)... READ MORE

July 30th 1981

As usual, not a very active day.  Up at a reasonable hour, breakfasted, then drove in to Hayward with Meher and Salim, first to the bank (another drive-in) and then to a garage... READ MORE

July 29th 1981

The laziest of days today.  We awoke to an empty house, with the time gone 11, so we fixed ourselves breakfast, and it was Val’s turn to take herself a bath.  Aneema returned... READ MORE