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September 25th 1983

Daggy Dog the truck The rest of the night was sheer nightmare.  Ray had told us that this section, from Rockhampton north, was the worst of the lot, + he was absolutely right. ... READ MORE

September 24th 1983

Today was animal day, beginning to end.  To start with, we discovered we’d been attacked by ants during the night.  Fortunately, we have become so accustomed to the little bastards as to treat... READ MORE

September 23rd 1983

Tony and Chris The really big news of the morning, which we heard first broadcast over the radio, + then from Tony as he knocked on our door for our early morning call,... READ MORE

Panic measures

Shamym and Hamed Which is not quite right, as there was no actual panic.  But we do have the performance at the Migrant Connections Festival in two days’ time, and even though I... READ MORE

September 22nd 1983

Val at Surfers’ Paradise In order to escape paying however much the local council would be demanding from us to stay at their campsite, we arose at an exceptionally early hour, pulled down... READ MORE

September 21st 1983

We had a later start than we’d intended, since Pat was up + showered, breakfasted + off to work before we stirred.  Still, it wasn’t too much longer, then we were having a... READ MORE