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May 20th 1982

Our departure time was put off until 2 – first, because J + A wanted to see if their friend Jan was returning on the morning launch, + then because Jack wanted to... READ MORE

May 18th, 19th 1982

Val + Alma went off to do some washing ashore (if you understand me) in the morning.  Jack worked on his rudder post, and I got on with my assignment: fitting up a... READ MORE


I am hoping that today marks something of a change with the group; more specifically, a step-up.  To some extent, it is because of chance.  Last Thursday, I was on my way to... READ MORE

May 17th 1982

Shopping day.  Panama day – with any l;uck our last Panama Day… in the city anyway.  An early start, up at the crack of dawn (6) + over to take the 7.30 ferry. ... READ MORE

May 16th 1982

Quite a lazy Sunday.  In the morning, J + A were going over to Taboga to look for a piece of wood, so that he could fix the rudder, so we went along... READ MORE

May 15th 1982

Up early + immediately busy – today we were away from Colon – for good we hoped, + off to Taboga.  Showers first, then coffee + toast aboard Crusader, then packing, + a... READ MORE