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June 18th 1981

Up early, then took a ride with Lou, the hostel warden, into Estes Park.  Bought our lunch for the day, then walked all the way up into the National Park to where the... READ MORE

June 17th 1981

Woke up from a great night’s sleep, and breakfasted on a pastry, followed by a “smoothie” – a concoction of bananas, blueberries, apple juice and protein powder thrown into the blender, and whisked... READ MORE

June 16th 1981

At first, it looked as tho’ the day might end up like the day before, but we decided that would be too depressing., so vowed to get out for at least part of... READ MORE

June 15th 1981

Had to get up really early – about 5.30 – because M +P had to get to work early.  Were able tho’ to go down to Mark II’s, where we were fed breakfast,... READ MORE

June14th 1981

Not too good a night for me – bumpy ground.  Still, we lay in the tent until quite late, enjoying the luxury of just lying around.  Got up at around 10, packed up,... READ MORE

June 13th 1981

Had discovered that our films which we’d put in wouldn’t be ready until at least Monday, so decided to vacate the M + P pad for the weekend.  Walked a couple of miles... READ MORE