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June 24th 1984

I was up until the early hours, writing + listening to the radio.  The night was also disturbed by one of the worst storms I’ve ever experienced, thunder so loud, so near +... READ MORE

June 23rd 1984

We’d had at least vague intentions to get up early to watch the sunrise, but the sound of rain on the window-panes, plus the glimpses of cloud we caught outside, soon put paid... READ MORE

June 22nd 1984

Val was very ill this morning, so violently + suddenly ill, that she was unable to make it to the bathroom (yes, that sort of ill) + had to perform her business in... READ MORE

June 21st 1984

At a very early hour this morning, we were awoken by a loud hammering on the door, followed immediately by the door being unlocked, revealing a young employee of the hotel in the... READ MORE

Refugee Week 2024

And a busy week too; three performances so far, and one more to come. We began with a scratch performance cum premiere cum dress rehearsal to the Monday Club, a support meeting for... READ MORE

June 20th 1984

The sleeping car made all the difference, + I don’t think that, on longer trips, I will want to travel any other way, having now served my 34 hours of penance in hard... READ MORE