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January 28th 1982

Somehow I have to spin out a page’s worth of writing from some very thin thread – very little happened today.  Of course, we got up, then had beans + egg, tortillas +... READ MORE

January 27th 1982

I felt rather better this morning – well, a little, at any rate, so that I was able to cope with my lessons, + at first break buy a copy of the better... READ MORE

January 26th 1982

The day of the cold today – en Espanol, el catarro – tho’ it’s not really a new experience for me.  I must say I don’t recall my childhood as being one long... READ MORE

January 25th 1982

First day of school, eh?  Val + I were like a couple of kids, after breakfast, big brother packing a satchel for both.  It was with a degree of trepidation that we set... READ MORE

January 24th 1982

Breakfast was at 8 – a special treat, since it was Sunday, of being an hour later.  Still could have been in the middle of the night so far as we were concerned,... READ MORE

January 23rd 1982

A wonderful, glorious night’s sleep, + then we set off to see if we could buy the elusive missing battery.  There was a camera shop not far from the hotel, so we tried... READ MORE