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Park bench

The first person through the door today was Yasser, a young man from Yemen.  I thought at first he had happened upon us by chance, but Thomas arrived shortly after, and things became... READ MORE


By recent standards, we had quite a respectable showing today; only Alem was missing, and he has to come all the way from Barbican, quite a trek, and with an attendant cost –... READ MORE


Arrived to find the room partially decorated – well, one big cluster of balloons – and then a group of ladies and small children arrived, hoping to continue blowing up balloons for a... READ MORE

Waiting Blues

Not the most satisfactory of sessions.  Hamed was there when I arrived, and a few others dribbled in, one by one.  Alem had texted to say he couldn’t come today – I hope... READ MORE

April 23rd 1983

Perhaps something of a shock, especially for those of you who have got into the habit of reading these posts for the past very nearly two years, but I have decided to take... READ MORE

April 22nd 1983

Off to town in the morning 1) to post another box of books etc (I forgot to mention – one of our chores the other day had been to collect the entire set... READ MORE