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Didi, Gogo… and a tree

Two major, and very positive, developments today.  First of all, I think I have finally come up with an idea for the play that solves some of the problems we have been wrestling... READ MORE

February 28th 1984

We treated ourselves to the most enormous breakfast this morning, down the road at the other losmen.  We each had eggs + chips, plus 2 slices of toast with baked beans, plus tea,... READ MORE

February 27th 1984

As it happened, I didn’t throw up overnight, but I wasn’t well either , with the return of the trots, which are still plaguing me, on + off, every few days.  A right... READ MORE

February 26th 1984

We ensured we got up at a reasonable hour this morning, + went to a restaurant which we had seen advertising English breakfast.  Very good it was too, bacon, eggs, the works.  Obviously,... READ MORE

February 24th 1984

Being in a big commercial centre, this was our opportunity to settle some outstanding business.  No 1 was to have some films developed, so we popped them into a handy little film shop... READ MORE