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Bits and pieces

Some day I ought to put together a compilation tape (or playlist, I suppose) of all the songs I have used as titles for these posts.  Even though some (including this one) are... READ MORE

This old heart of mime

…which may be the worst pun I’ve employed as a title yet.  Though there are other contenders. Mime, then.  A useful theatrical skill, all the more so when the class has very little... READ MORE

Gekko X

…which is the name of the new space Better Days has acquired and fitted out, originally intended as a non-classroom space for STEM teaching (that’s Science, Technology Engineering and Maths for the uninitiated... READ MORE

My little home

This is my third year of writing this blog, and (inevitably, I suppose) I find the same old topics and subjects coming around each time – just in a different location.  One of... READ MORE

Games without frontiers

Games without frontiers My first working day today, though various factors meant it wasn’t the smoothest of starts. The paid teaching staff, all Greek, had a training day today, so I was asked... READ MORE

Gekko Kids

Gekko Kids is the name of the school for unaccompanied refugee minors (and more) in Mytilini. It is the place where I am likely to be working for the next three months. It... READ MORE