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December 1st 1981

A treat for breakfast – café con leche in a vaguely posh restaurant in town, + then, as usual, descended upon a panaderia for the remainder of our breakfast.  Somehow, we managed to... READ MORE

November 30th 1981

For breakfast, I craved a café con leche, so we were extravagant, + had one in the hotel restaurant.  It turned out to be an expensive day all round.  Strolled through the market... READ MORE

November 29th 1981

A good night’s sleep – we were tired – then after a snatched carbohydrate breakfast, decided to pack up our things + take them straight to the bus station.  That would take us... READ MORE

November 28th 1981

Were awoken by the prod of a broom – the stationmaster (I think) was sweeping up, + gave us our peremptory cue to leave.  Our first real view of Queretaro impressed us –... READ MORE

November 27th 1981

A bad day today.  Said goodbye to Henry, but the Germans were either asleep or out.  We headed off once more to the Australian embassy, but there received a fairly severe setback to... READ MORE

November 26th 1981

A day that began with real problems, + ended happily… as you shall see.  It had been our intention to stop off at Queretaro, about 150 miles before Mexico City, + had been... READ MORE