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October 22nd 1981

We arose with great expectations – a good chance we would be able to finish things off today.  Another icy morning – it had dropped to minus 4 overnight, + left a sharp... READ MORE

October 21st 1981

Of course, another day of picking, tho’ thankfully we are now approaching the end.  In fact, at one point today we did think it might be our last day of picking, since there... READ MORE

October 20th 1981

My turn to provide breakfast in bed for Val this morning – the least I could do really.  And then to work, for a full day… more or less.  It was a bit... READ MORE

October 19th 1981

Still feeling a long way from my perky best, so after receiving breakfast in bed for the second morning running (what bliss!), I was left in bed while Val went off to work. ... READ MORE

October 18th 1981

I hate Sundays – always have, always will, I expect.  I woke up this particular Sunday feeling dreadful, tho’ I must admit getting breakfast in bed again – hot milk on corn flakes,... READ MORE

October 17th 1981

A real treat for breakfast – we’d bought some English muffins + raspberry jam – they were gorgeous.  However, + rather expectedly, the picking was extremely dull.  What do I think about all... READ MORE