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August 13th 1982

After breakfast today, the 3 of us lay in our tents writing letters – it’s taken us some time to get around to replying to the letters we’ve received, but we’ve finally taken... READ MORE


In order to practise with the real thing, I cut some laurel branches from the hedge conveniently running between our house and our neighbours’, and took them in with me; I attracted a... READ MORE

August 12th 1982

Once again, with a new place to live, a new routine of life.  As they go, this one is not at all bad.  The first one up, it’s nearly always Dave, builds the... READ MORE

August 11th 1982

A pretty good night’s sleep, especially after our recent privations.  And no trouble at all making a fire this time, so we were able to have a splendid breakfast – coffee, bread +... READ MORE

August 10th 1982

I think Val and I finally managed to drift off into sleep by about 4, when Dave woke us up – “Quick, they’re all moving out of the covered area.”  So we scrambled... READ MORE

August 9th 1982

Well, it looked light outside to me!  And I felt as tho’ I’d slept all night.  So I got us up + round to the ferry terminal.  Even tho’, we now estimate, it... READ MORE