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March 24th 1983

It rained all night, + was still doing so quite heavily this morning, but after a respectably hearty breakfast, we felt pretty much ready for anything… even the trip back.  The river had... READ MORE

March 23rd 1983

A change in the weather overnight to the stuff the West Coast is famous for, grey, misty rain.  Drove north again, stopping off at a gold mine, which in fact proved to be... READ MORE

Red Nose

Two weeks and two days to go before the performance!  So it wasn’t the best news to hear that neither Ali nor Abdulaziz would be able to be with us today, Abdulaziz because... READ MORE

March 22nd 1983

We had read that there was a good viewpoint down at Fox glacier, best early in the morning, so we had determined to rise early to drive down to see it.  Remarkably, we... READ MORE

March 21st 1983

Collected Rory + hit the road again.  A pleasant drive south, the most notable part being 2 journeys across single-lane bridges.  Not that there is anything notable in that, New Zealand has hundreds... READ MORE

March 20th 1983

Up at a ridiculously early hour, partly to ensure we met Andy, not having a fixed hour in which to meet him, + partly to ensure disappearing from the camp-site without paying.  In... READ MORE