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After the excitement of the Day of Action, it was back to normal: the regular class at the hotel.  A respectable showing of five regulars – Ali, Hamed, Aisha, Sherwan, and Abdulaziz, plus... READ MORE

Letter to Cornwall part 3

11/6/82  We are now sitting in the quiet anchorage called Wreck Bay in the Galapagos Islands.  Our captain has gone ashore this morning to clear the boat in and get the paperwork done,... READ MORE

Day of action

This week’s Drama session had to be cancelled because too many of my participants had WhatsApped to let me know they were absent, but Hamed invited me to join them on Saturday, when... READ MORE

Letter to Cornwall part 2

31/5/82  Hello again!  It’s now a week later and we haven’t sighted land yet – the wind hasn’t been in our favour, so we’re not moving along very fast.  Ah well, it gives... READ MORE

Letter to Cornwall

Something a little different – a new voice. It is the first section of a letter home from Val, posted in the Galapagos, and so covering a period already written about in the... READ MORE

Leaving Galapagos

As promised, the first update to our activity during the Missing section. One reader, my friend Pam, had wondered whether, in view of the clear antipathy between ourselves and our hosts, we had... READ MORE